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On this page you can find information about the scales and frequently asked questions that we usually receive, however, if you do not resolve your doubts, we will be happy to talk with you and tell us everything you need, for that we are here.

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Information and frequently asked questions

What is a musical scale?

A musical scale is called a set of ordered sounds that create a particular sound environment.

How do I know the notes? I don't see on the web what is typical of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La., Si...

The scales are written in English nomenclature, which is the ´´universal´´ language of music. Here is the conversion:

Si = B
A = A
Fa = F
I = E
Re = D
Do = C

What are Hertz (Hz)? What is the difference or what do they mean?

Hertz are based on vibration. The frequency of sound waves determines their pitch and is usually measured in Hercios(Hz), each Hertz is one wave per second.

That is, at a frequency of 432Hz, that sound is repeated 432 times per second.

The human ear is capable of perceiving a wide range of frequencies: approximately 20 to 20,000Hz, but to the naked eye there is no difference, unless two instruments on the same scale but different frequencies are played together.

What frequency should I choose or what is the use of each of them?

Each frequency works in a way in our body and mind, there are people who believe in it, and others who do not.

-432Hz: It is said to be the frequency of nature, since it vibrates in this way.

-440Hz: It is used to play with other instruments, however if you do not know the exact frequency and want to play with another, contact us and we will help you find out, since for example violins are usually at 442Hz.

-528Hz: It is said that it favors the regeneration of DNA.

-963HZ: Works the pineal gland, decalcifying it. Connect with God, your inner ´´I´´, unites the physical and the spiritual.

I am starting to meditate, what frequency is the best to enter the world of meditation?

If you're just starting out in meditations or going to play it in a group of people, we recommend 432Hz.

963Hz is a very powerful frequency and can cause dizziness or headaches, so we recommend playing it gently and slowly the first few times.

It is a very strong frequency, but not dangerous.

Are all the instruments I see on the web handcrafted?

Yes, all the instruments you see are manufactured from start to finish by ourselves. From the preparation of the sheets or wood, to its final finish. They have an unimaginable job.

If they are artisans and have so much work, why are they so cheap and with such quality compared to other artisans or brands?

Well, this is a story and it is based on our strong values that we have. When Handpans came out, they were worth a lot of money.

Money that Jonathan didn't have, so he started making them. Having a unique and incomparable quality, we prefer to keep prices low, so that everyone could live the experience of this beautiful and rewarding world of Handpan, without having to have a very large pocket.

At that time, it would have been great for Jonathan to find a craftsman with these values. For what we are like, we do not intend to fill our pockets, and we really want to spread happiness from our workshop. That is why we also make them personalized and do not have, for example, a sample of decorations.

I'm a beginner, is a model with 8-9 tones or 13-15 notes better? Will one of 13-15 notes be difficult to start with?

The number of notes is indifferent to start playing. The only difference is that the more notes, the more possible combinations when composing songs. 

Think of it as an alphabet, the more letters you have, the more words you can create and the more complete it is.

I am undecided with the scale, what is the best option?

The best option is always the one that best suits your needs, if even looking here and on the scales page you don't know, the best thing is to contact us and tell us how you want to use it and other information. , to help you choose the best option and not regret your choice in the future. What we are looking for is that you have the instrument for life.

What transport company will deliver the package?

We mainly work with GLS, although if you prefer that the package be sent to you by another company, do not hesitate to tell us and we will do so. The important thing is that you feel safe throughout the process.